Welcome to Goreville's own SiFibe Internet!

We are excited to introduce a new internet service for Goreville and Southern Illinois!

Are you currently having trouble with speeds or reliability? Does your current ISP have outages often?

Why can't I stream video without it buffering every few minutes?

I have to reset my router constantly to get connected again.

The speed doesn't add up. I pay for more speed than I'm actually getting.

Why SiFibe?

Reliability and Integrity

Other providers make false promises about speed and reliability. We guarantee a fast reliable connection to all our customers. 

Options for Everyone

Packages start at $19.99/month for basic internet use and $39.99 for those who love streaming video (Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc).

No data usage caps!

Your internet is available 24/7 at the speed you pay for. We will never "Throttle" any customer and there are no "caps."

We're Close To Home

We started this service in Goreville, we're Goreville residents, and our headquarters is in Goreville!

Compare SiFibe to DSL and Satellite

DSL has Weaknesses: Compare to Frontier, AT&T U-Verse.

Your current internet is probably coming from an old copper landline... the same ones that power landline phones dated back to the 1900's.

  • Copper performs worse over long distances.
  • The copper infrastructure connecting Southern Illinois is aging.

Fact: Frontier DSL uses these aging copper lines across long distances...

Have Satellite? Compare to HughesNet and Exede

If you have Satellite Internet, you will likely experience the following factors.

  • Satellite Internet is beamed into space (about 23,000 miles), then back to earth (another 23,000 miles), then to its destination, where it is processed and returned to you.
  • Every hop adds milliseconds of latency (lag), totaling to at least 550 milliseconds.
  • Due to high latency and the uplink delay, gaming is nearly impossible.
  • Many satellite services cap your data usage (10gb, etc). Keep in mind that streaming Netflix alone in High Definition can use up to 3 GBs/hour.


SiFibe Uses Over-The-Air Wireless Radio Signals

  1. SiFibe's tower receives internet through Fiber Optic Cable.
  2. Internet is broadcast from our tower using powerful radios.
  3. Internet is accessed at your location using radios we install on your property.
  • Wireless Radio Frequencies travel effortlessly through the air.
  • We make sure signal levels are strong, before installing at your location.
  • Our radios are efficient, keeping latency(ping) low.
  • No data caps, no throttling, and no reduced speeds EVER!

Zip Code 62939? Services are now available!!
You can reach us at 618.751.4200 via call or text during our hours of operation.