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Tier 1


10 Mbps Down/2 Mbps Up

Medium Internet Usage
Streaming on 1-2 Devices
Gaming on 1 Device

Tier 2


15 Mbps Down/3 Mbps Up

Moderate Internet Usage
Streaming on 2-3 Devices
Gaming on 2 Devices

Tier 3


20 Mbps Down/4 Mbps Up

High Internet Usage
Streaming on 3+ Devices
Gaming on 2+ Devices

Tier 4


25 Mbps Down/5 Mbps Up

Heavy Internet Usage
Streaming on 4+ Devices
Gaming on 3+ Devices

Custom Data


30 Mbps Down/6 Mbps Up

Custom Speed Plans
Starting @ $119/Month
Starts at 30mbps Download

[1] Plan supports Netflix Streaming in Standard Definition on 1 device. Netflix Stream may buffer if additional devices are connected.

[2] SiFibe does not offer credit card processing, businesses wishing to accept credit card payments will have to secure third party credit card processing equipment.

[3] Upload Speed may be increased on any speed tier in 5mbps increments for an additional $9/Month/5mbps increase.

**In all of the above package options all equipment installed remains the sole property of SiFibe. If you wish to own your own equipment please let us know before installation. **All packages require acceptance of SiFibe Terms of Service.