About Us

 Welcome to Sifibe! Sifibe was created in an effort to bring faster more reliable internet to places that need it most. We started this journey in July of 2017 with a 96ft tower located in Goreville. We expanded to cover more homes inside city limits with our addition on the Goreville Water Tower. From there we brought service south of Goreville near Cedar Rock Cabins. After being in operation for a little over a year, we tore down our 96ft tower and replaced it with a massive 190ft self supporter. This tower allowed us to cover areas that we couldnt reach west of Goreville. In 2019 we began looking for new areas to expand. We established a tower in Dongola in 2019, and built a tower north of Goreville near the Oasis in 2020. In 2021 we added a Tower at the Goreville Park providing services to nearby homes and providing free wifi service to visitors of the park. In 2022 we started construction on 2 190ft towers located on dutchman lake road. The 1st tower will provide services to the goreville side of the road with the 2nd tower providing services to the vienna side. We completed construction on this towers in the first few weeks of 2023. We currently offer services in the Goreville and Surrounding area with new service areas to come in the near future. Thank you for allowing us to provide service and for your continued support. We look forward to expanding in 2023 and bring our service to new areas that have been neglected by other providers.

Reliability and Integrity

Other Providers make false promises about speed and reliability. We provide a fast reliable connection to all our customers.


Our Mission

To Provide High-Speed Internet Access to Rural and Under-served Communities.


Options for Everyone

Packages start at $39/month and are capable of streaming Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc. Ditch the Dish!

No Data Usage Caps

Our service is Unlimited! Use as much data as you want, there are no data usage caps!

We're Close to Home

Our Home Office is based in Southern IL, No more spending hours on the phone with over seas tech support.