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SiFibe was created to provide Reliable, High Speed Internet Services to Locations in Southern, Illinois. We opened our business in September, 2017 after being frustrated with limited options for internet, which came with poor speeds and unreliable service, We began searching for a solution.

We contacted Clearwave Communications June 2017 and began preparing for our next step. We spent countless hours planning our operation. July 4th, 2017 we rented space at the local Freedom Fest event and talked with many people about how our service would work and what customers could expect.

In August 2017, we began our tower construction. This consisted of planning our install location, digging holes, setting concrete, and finally contacting Oxford Crane service to lift our 1st tower. Our first tower is 95ft tall, located on Toler Ln in Goreville.

In September 2017, we hooked up our first customer. We will never forget our first install, we were new to all of this and we had a few issues getting things up and running. I was worried because they had complaints about their current ISP’s problems, and i felt like we weren’t doing any better. We were lucky to have some great people to work with during our first install. They were very polite and worked with us. We were there for 6 hrs(seemed like more). After we worked through our issues we were able to get them installed, and are happy we could provide a much needed service in the area.

In October 2017, we added a secondary service location on top of the Goreville Water Tower, this tower is approx 89 ft tall and allows us to provide our services to the majority of the Village of Goreville, including the Village Park, where you can enjoy free WiFi.

In December 2017, we added a third location to our service located at Cedar Rock Cabins, south of Goreville. This tower sits 75ft in the air.

In September 2018, we tore down our first tower and built a Monster 195′ Self Supporter. This Tower allows us to expand our services into more cities and towns near you!

In Feburary 2019, we installed a 190ft Guyed Tower in Dongola. This tower is still currently under construction. More Updates to Come.

Currently we are building a tower at The Oasis in Goreville. We are projecting to have the tower completed in the next 2 weeks.

As of 7/10/2020 our Dongola Tower is online and ready for new Customers.

As of 7/13/2020 our Oasis Tower is Complete! Please check back for updates!

As we grow, we will update our story and our progress. Thank you to all of our current and future customers. We look forward to providing high speed reliable internet access to Southern IL.